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PerDM offer our clients a complete donor and new customer acquisition programme tailor made to their individual requirements. We will ensure that budget requirements are met whilst achieving or exceeding the level of quality our clients demand.
As well as regular contact being available as required with every person within PerDM we offer each client a dedicated Campaign Manager to ensure support is immediately available to help and resolve any issues they may have.
PerDM has gained vast experience in all aspects of direct sales and we are equally as comfortable operating within the door to door arena or the business to business sector as we are within a retail environment, whether that be promoting a product in a shopping mall or working in a well-known retail chain store, alongside our client's existing sales teams.
We pride ourselves on not only providing the acquisition of high quality new donor?s and customers but we ensure that everyone who has dealings with our Client embrace the company culture, understand their goals and take the time to understand and act upon the company mission statement. We want all our staff to feel that when they represent a business, they are an employee of that client.
From our client's perspective we remove the costs of using their own sales force and as we charge only for the results achieved this is a financially "risk free" opportunity for businesses to acquire market share, without the substantial set up costs this would normally incur. If we do not generate business there is no charge to the client?
  1. Business to Business – PerDm offer a unique business to business campaign where we canvass populated business districts knocking on businesses in hope of speaking to the Business Owner or Business Manager to allow us to promote and sell the product we are currently selling. This channel offers two opportunities depending on the products and also delivers a higher quality customer to our partners. Recent partners who have contracted PerDM in using this channel have been Virgin Mobile, Neotel, Chub Security  and UNICEF

  2. Events – Our event channel is an extremely successful channel and has been used by many of our partners so far in South Africa as it yields good success. We typically manage the entire process around booking and branding the events. We also rely heavily of branding from our partners in the form of promotional banners, table cloths and gazebos. This channel also offers our partners the opportunity to speak to customers they may not of been able to speak to prior to us holding the event. PerDM clients which used and are using this channel are Old Mutual Credit Card, iWyze Insurance, Cell C, UNICEF, Virgin Mobile and Car Track

  3. In Store – Retail – A program where it see's PerDm utilising the space of its retail partners shop floors to sell one of its products through their in store systems. This channel is mainly design for financial services which include credit and store cards and insurance products. A full support structure is put in place prior to launch of such channels which see's PerDM interact with all managers of all retail stores prior to selling as this relationship is integral to the success of the campaign. Our most successful in store campaigns have been with Woolworths Financial Services, FnB Credit Card, Edcon Financial Service, Ackermans and DSTV Mobile.