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PerDM have been working with Edcon Financial services since April 2010 and have seen significant growth with Edcon itself. PerDM operate with Edcon through its In Store Retail channel unitising Edcon's stores throughout South Africa using 650 of its full time skilled sales agents. PerDM promote and sell the Edcon Thank You Account Card in its Edgars, Jet, Edgars Actives and Jet Mart Stores and to date have reported and activated over 180 Thousand Thank You Account Cards since inception and plans are ongoing to build onto of this number.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is PerDM's longest standing relationship. PerDM have been in partnership with Virgin Mobile for almost three years now as one of its main face to face sales channels which has seen PerDM deliver a significant amount of both Post paid and Pre Paid customers to Virgin mobile by way of the Events, In Store Retail and Business to Business channels. PerDM have plan with Virgin Mobile to increase their Pre Paid customer base which will see PerDM delivering over 20 Thousand activated sims cards each month for the remaining of the year.

DSTV Mobile

PerDM and DSTV Mobile are working together to build a sustainable sales team which will see its agents work within Makro, Game, Deon Wired, Hi Fi Corp and Incredible Connection stores promoting and selling its mobile products.


PerDM was contracted by Woolworths Financial Services to launch its new Black Woolworths Credit Card in 2010 in the Woolworths stores across South Africa. In addition to this, perDM launched the Woolworths Gold and Silver Credit cards along side the Black card which was extremely successful. Throughout perDM's time with Woolworth, PerDM submitted over 380 Thousand applications which saw the Woolworths credit book grew significantly.


PerDM and FIL SA partnered with UNICEF South Africa to initiate a a donor pledge program whereby PerDM recruited donors for monthly commitments through its Events and Business to Business channels in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Bloemfontein.